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The Picture Story Of My School, LSSH


      One day, I walked around in Lishan Senior High school with Gordon and Chris. We walked out from middle (science) building first. Soon, the clock tower appeared in front of my eyes. That is beautiful. Especially, clock tower will be light-full every school anniversary. Under the clock tower is our library. It is the most popular place for students. Many students do searches and a lot of taking a nap there.





      Minutes later, we ran into Lishan Star. Upon the star, there is π, and more symbols, regular of mathematics. They interested Gordon and Chris very much the first time.








     Going through the middle corridor, we found stairs on our right hand side. Being curious, we decided to climb up. Wow! It’s echo hill! Few students went here before. Look at the third picture. If you will stand on the center of the circle and say something. You can find your voice coming back in your ears. But people around you can’t hear that. That is miracle.





      As ended today’s trip, we got more realization of our school. Most important, we were delightful that day.

My Autobiography

    My name is Ryan Yuan. I am 16 years old, studying in LSSH. I have short haired with a little brown. Many people asked that I am a person of mixed blood. Actually I’m not. I come from a very happy middle class family which has five members. My parents and two sisters. Friends getting along with me say I’m a funny, vivid, humorous and friendly guy. Swimming is one of all sports I like. That’s great because no more sweating. Although do it violently. I always listen to the music when I’m free and have a bad mood. It can help me relax. Besides I also enjoy painting and movies.
    It is important to make many new friends. It’s a fountainhead for keeping good mood as well. Therefore, I love to know lots of people. The philosophy of my life is having happy time always. But the real life usually doesn’t follow an ideal. School works are almost tired to me.
I believe I must have balance between school work and happiness.

    The Ambition I want to realize is finding a wonderful job in the future. The reason that is that can let my parents have a life without sorrow and anxiety. The goal is not easy to reach. If I want to realize, I must be hard-working from now on. Be a valuable person in the society even have contributions for our Earth.

My Family Tree

Family Tree

My Life Map

Life Map

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